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Keeping the family warm in the house in the modern way means the installation of a full central heating system.

A radiator in each room makes the winter seem so much more bearable. Whatever the size of house a system can be designed to provide adequate heating whatever the weather and at the same time provides hot water.

Systems can be simply programmed to provide heat and hot water when required, so there isn’t any waste.

It is important that the system is designed and installed by a competent person so that there isn’t any disappointment with performance.

If you’re fed up with cold bathrooms, bedrooms etc then get in touch. Everything required will be clearly explained.

So if your heating is dated and not sufficient make that enquiry, you’ll be glad you did.

If the heating system works but the boiler is old and getting close to or past its ‘use by’ date and is costing money for spare parts, then the time has come to consider a replacement boiler.

With a modern boiler it is often possible to install it in surprising locations which can keep it out of sight, or it can go in the same position as the old one.

There are choices for boiler types too (some could required changes to the piping system). Another advantage is that modern boilers are much ‘greener’ than the old ones and use the heat much more efficiently therefore saving on running costs.

So if you think your boiler could need replacing give me a call and I’ll check it. If it does need replacing I’ll advise the options available. I’ll also advise if replacement is not necessary and state the action needed.

If you have a heating system it may not be performing as expected. Perhaps some rooms are cool or even cold. Perhaps the heating doesn’t come on as programmed. When bath time arrives perhaps the water is lukewarm.

The system needs to be checked and upgraded or repaired as necessary.

Remember that a poorly performing system is still costing money. Even if the system is performing as expected remember that modern boilers are much more efficient and represent much better value for money, a point that is so important nowadays. They are also more environmentally friendly.

So whatever the problem with your heating system, let me check it and advise you. I’ll advise you is simple straightforward terms.

There are many areas in a modern house where water is in use meaning there is pipework and the like.

For example sometimes problems arise with central heating in one room, with the radiator being cool or cold when other radiators are not. Or perhaps one room is cool even though the radiator is hot and other rooms are comfortably warm.

Then again perhaps a tap is difficult to use in the kitchen or bathroom. Perhaps a pipe is visible and spoiling the general decor. Maybe an overflow pipe is running. Perhaps a cold or hot water storage tank needs attention. In winter it’s possible for a pipe to freeze and urgent action is required.

Small or big, problems require attention. Let me know and I’ll advise the procedure clearly and fix the problem efficiently.

Then again perhaps there isn’t a problem, there’s just a desire for a new tap set in the kitchen.bathroom or a new gas hob to be installed in the kitchen. I’ll do that too. Whatever is needed give me a call.

The bathroom is no longer just a toilet room with ugly fittings. It can be made very attractive with the range of suites available. Whether it is a basic suite of bath, basin and toilet or is to include a shower which is over-bath or freestanding, the design choice is yours.

Once decided upon then the next priority is efficient and competent installation at a reasonable and competitive price. The bathroom furniture can be provided by you ready for installation or can be provided by me following your instructions.

When I fit your bathroom suite it will be to your exact requirements and to a high standard. If a complete suite is not required then I can fit a new toilet, basin or bath as required.

Having a relaxing shower at any time is a luxury that so many enjoy. Nowadays there isn’t a reason why a shower shouldn’t be present in any home.

If a separate shower is desired then this can be installed with minimal disruption with the style chosen by you. If a separate installation is not required or there isn’t the room for one then a shower can be installed above the bath again with minimum fuss. A glass screen or shower curtain can be included if required.

A shower can provide its own hot water if desired or this can be taken from the water provided by the central heating. It’s also good to know that a shower is far more efficient than a bath as it uses less hot water meaning less fuel is needed.

So if you haven’t already got one, or you want the one you have replacing or upgrading, I’ll do it without fuss and at a competitive price. Give me a call of unbiased clear advice.

Plumbing isn’t just confined to the house. Are you fed up with with filling and carrying heavy watering cans around the garden? Or maybe the hose pipe fits to a tap in an inconvenient place such as the kitchen or back of the garage. Have a garden tap fitted or moved.

Wherever there is water delivery and plumbing is involved, problems and inconvenience to you can be solved.

Let me know the situation and I’ll give suggestions and clear advice.